I think I’m falling in love with DC

Scratch that — I think I’ve fallen in love with DC.

I am a Carolina girl born and raised, but I’ve always had this inkling that I was meant to be a city girl. There’s something about the city life that just calls to me. The hustle and bustle is so exciting and I just feel like I thrive whenever I’m in a city. One city in particular that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting is Washington, DC. I came here for the first time a couple years back for the Emerging Researchers National (ERN) conference and absolutely adored it. Riding in on the metro for the first time, eating at restaurants that were half bookstores half restaurants, and laying eyes on the monuments for the first time. Omigoodness it was magical. Because I loved it so much the first time, I vowed that I would come back. And that I did. This weekend a friend and I traveled to DC together for a good ol girls trip and had SUCH an amazing time.

Thursday we traveled to DC. Don't be alarmed, I was not cutting class. We were on fall break at my school so we got an extra two days off. We woke up bright and early (8am) to get on the road. It took about 3 and half hours and we jammed to nostalgic Disney Channel tunes the whole way there. We stayed at a hotel in Lanham, MD which was just a couple minutes outside of DC. We used this day as a chill day, just getting some work done and attending meetings, then picked up some food from Busboys & Poets and drinks and milkshakes from McDonalds and watched Pocahontas to close out the night. Can you sense a theme of our favorite childhood things? One reflection I have is that I am so grateful that God has given me friends that not only can I travel with but talk about God with. It was sooo much much traveling to DC with my friend but it was so much more fun being able to hang out with a sister in Christ as well as a couple other close friends and just have a good time in one of my favorite cities so far.

Friday we went to this breakfast spot called Rips. It was this country themed restaurant with horse stables as the tables. I ordered this sandwhich called the Monte Cristo & it was soooo good!! It had turkey, ham, and provolone cheese, served on a french toasted bun with powedered sugar and it came with this rasberry dipping sauce and french fries. It was crazy delicious. Later that evening we took the metro to Union Station and MAN was it massive. It was also gorgeous. There’s something about DC architecture that amazes me every time I see it.

Me & My Girls at Swingers: The Crazy Mini Golf Club

Then to make our girls trip even better we met up with a couple friends of ours for a night on the town. We went to this place called Swingers which is a mini golf club and had a great time. After leaving the club, we got to listen to some live jazz music on the street. These guys were so great! We then bumped our own music as we drove through the streets of DC before stopping at an all night taco stand and just enjoying each others company. When I tell you that all my cares went away last night as I was hanging out with girls, I’m not kidding. I’m so grateful for last Friday night, it was one of the greatest nights of my life. Thank you God for friendship and adventure.

Saturday was our museum and monuments day. We woke up kind of late so we didn't t get to hit as many as we wanted to but we still had a great time. We of course had to get breakfast first so we went to this place called The Pancake House. I love all breakfast foods so as long as I am eating breakfast I am content. I ordered some chocolate chip pancakes and cheese grits and called it a morning. I was ready to rock and roll. So for our first stop we went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This was SUCH an amazing exhibit. I was telling my friend that I felt like museums are such a cool thing to visit when visiting a new city. It’s something my grandpa says is one of the first things he looks for when he touches down in a new place. I’d have to agree. I love learning new things and museums are the place to do that. The next one we went to was the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. This one was crazy different. Honestly, as I walking through it, I had a hard time interpreting what most of the artwork was about. I might need to walk through it one more time. Nevertheless, it was a still a pretty great museum and the sculpture garden was even better.

They had this thing called the Wish Tree for Washington, DC and you were able to whisper your wishes to the tree during the fall, winter, and spring which I thought was pretty cool. I wished or rather prayed for some things that I believe God is going to bring about in my life very soon. After Hirshhorn, we crushed some food at this place called Z-Burger which kind of reminded me of Good Burger when I walked in and then headed back to the hotel for a nap before we headed back out to look at the monuments. The monuments were absolutely gorgeous. Looking at them all lit up at night is pretty spectacular and breathtaking. Just makes me want to live in the city all the more. We took lots more pictures and then closed out the night with some insomnia cookies and Drivers, Dine-In and Dives with Guy.

Picture of me at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Sunday we traveled back home. We grabbed some food from Bojangles and listened to some worship music and Disney classics on the way back.

Final thoughts and prayers: God, I am so grateful to have been able to take a trip like this. I had such a great time hanging out with some friends in a great city. Thank you for fulfilling your promise of community. I pray that as I come back from fall break and prepare to enter week 9 of my senior year of college that you would prepare my heart and mind. Give me the courage and the dilligence to finish strong this semester, apply for whats to come next, and also stay connected and present. I want everything that you have planned for my life and more. I keep my eyes fixed on you Jesus. Love you like crazy. In Jesus name, Amen.



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