Back in SC!

There’s no place like home :)

Photo by Kelsey Schisler on Unsplash

Have y'all ever heard the song Carolina Girls by General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board?…well you should.


Haha…okay I’m back. Hi there!

I touched down in the Carolinas today and I could not be more excited. I get to spend some time with my mom, do some yoga, eat some good food, work on my post bac applications, and maybe even go back to school with a new hairdo. Stay tuned!

The flight in this afternoon was great, I love planes and I love flying so it was all a piece of cake for me. I was SUPER tired on the way back though because I stayed up all night packing and preparing for my trip…you know, as one does. I ubered there and ma picked me up. On the way home we stopped at this really cute bakery, got a pastry, then headed on.

Photo by Siebe Warmoeskerken on Unsplash

Feels good to laugh with my mom again. It’s always a good time when we get together. Now we have this full week to enjoy each others company before I head back. When we got home, I took a great big nap in my super comfy bed under my super comfy heated blanket and then woke up to get some yummy food from one of my favorite local restaurants.

We later sat down together and watched a little bit of Annie, the 1982 version (the best version), since they FINALLY put it back on Netflix. I’ll probably finish up some writing, answer some emails, and get some much needed rest before tomorrows festivities.

Thank you God for getting me home safely. I look forward to spending time with my mom this week. Goodnight!

Todays Playlist:

  • Carolina Girls by General Johnson and The Chairmen of the Board




Welcome to my 20 somethings blog! Topics of discussion: faith, school, life, and my attempts at adulting.

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Skylar N. Groves

Skylar N. Groves

Welcome to my 20 somethings blog! Topics of discussion: faith, school, life, and my attempts at adulting.

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